Jan 27, 2023

The Summer-ized Design Package: What's Included?

Summer's Design + Installation Team works alongside our stellar Experience Team to transform our homes into properties that are true to their market, and that will provide a best-in-class guest experience to maximize homeowner return.

The Team
Jan 25, 2023

Q&A with Ariel Smith, Summer's Head of Sales

Ariel Smith, Summer's Head of Sales, loves that Summer has two options for homebuyers to consider; they both offer unique value, depending on someone’s individual situation.

Jan 9, 2023

Photographing a Summer Home with Zach Hyman

Summer's go-to photographer for upstate properties, self-taught Zach Hyman's artistic practice focuses on identity and the distortion and reimagining of everyday objects and natural environments. Having perfectly captured the upstate Summer home aesthetic on multiple occasions, we wanted to chat more with Zach about what the world of Summer looks like through his camera lens.

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